Established in 2011, the “Furiant” Quartet is a cultural melange of nationalities, unique and extremely interesting.


  • Stefano Mesaglio, Italy – violin;
  • Vlad Popescu, Romania – violin;
  • Mladen Somborac, Serbia – viola;
  • Nika Švarc, Slovenia – cello.

Details on the Quartet members:

  • They study together in Germany at the renowned music university “Hanns Eisler”, Berlin, in the class of Eberhard Feltz and Tim Vogler.
  • They are always in touch with some of the best- known musicians of our time, including the Belcea, Casals and Kuss quartets, Rainer Schmidt, Guenther Pichler, Donald Weilerstein, Heime Muller and so on and so forth.
  • They have participated in numerous international music competitions and contests, having been crowned with the winning, in 2016, of the big prize “Boris Pergamenshikow” Germany.
  • Since 2014, the four are scholars of the Association Yehudi Menus Live music now.
  • The Furiant Quartet founded in 2015, in Berlin, its own series of concerts called “Kammermusik im Konvikt”, which offers the public six events a year!
  • The Furiant Quartet was heard in many countries on several continents: Spain, Austria, South Africa, Holland, Italy, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, France, Lithuania, Croatia, and, through the program of the Lincoln Centre Stage New York, played in America as well.


Concerts with guest artists

22 September
20.21 o’clock

Concert in the City Hall of Novi Sad in the ‘Kaleidoscope of Culture’ organized by ‘Novi Sad 2021’ Foundation

24 Septembrie
19.00 o’clock

Concert at the “Banatul” Philharmonic in Timisoara

26 Septembrie
19.00 o’clock

Concert at the performance hall of the Municipal Theatre “Traian Grozavescu” in Lugoj

27 Septembrie
18.30 o’clock

Inaugural concert at the festivities hall of the Iosefin Orthodox Parish in Timisoara

29 Septembrie
18.00 o’clock

Concert at the “Nako” Castle in Sannicolau Mare

02 October
14.30 o’clock

Social concert at the “Cristian Serban” Medical Centre for Children and Young People, Buzias

04 October
19.00 o’clock

Concert at the ‘ProArte’ Hall of the National College ‘Decebal’ from Deva


23 – 26

Piano and Chamber Music Masterclass with Thomas Hoppe

23 – 28

Cello Masterclass with Valentin Radutiu

26 Sept. –
04 Oct.

Chamber Music Masterclass with the Furiant Quartett

23 – 29

Clarinet Masterclass with Tomaz Močilnik

26 Sept. –
04 Oct.

Violin Masterclass with Stefano Mesaglio and Vlad Popescu

26 Sept. –
04 Oct.

Viola Masterclass with Mladen Somborac

Concerts with participations at the masterclasses

25 Septembrie
19.00 o’clock

Concert at the National College of Art “Ion Vidu” of Timisoara

26 Septembrie
11.00 o’clock

Educational Concert at National College of Art “Ion Vidu” of Timisoara

28 Septembrie
18.00 o’clock

Concert at the Roman Catholic Church “Futok” Jimbolia

30 Septembrie
17.00 o’clock

Concert in the Cultural House of Margina, in ‘Moving Fire Places’ project, organized by the 2021 and ‘Prin Banat’ Associations

03 October
17.00 o’clock

Concert at the “Adam Muller Guttenbrunn” House Timisoara