Established in 2011, the “Furiant” Quartet is a cultural melange of nationalities, unique and extremely interesting.


  • Stefano Mesaglio, Italy – violin;
  • Vlad Popescu, Romania – violin;
  • Mladen Somborac, Serbia – viola;
  • Nika Švarc, Slovenia – cello.

Details on the Quartet members:

  • They study together in Germany at the renowned music university “Hanns Eisler”, Berlin, in the class of Eberhard Feltz and Tim Vogler.
  • They are always in touch with some of the best- known musicians of our time, including the Belcea, Casals and Kuss quartets, Rainer Schmidt, Guenther Pichler, Donald Weilerstein, Heime Muller and so on and so forth.
  • They have participated in numerous international music competitions and contests, having been crowned with the winning, in 2016, of the big prize “Boris Pergamenshikow” Germany.
  • Since 2014, the four are scholars of the Association Yehudi Menus Live music now.
  • The Furiant Quartet founded in 2015, in Berlin, its own series of concerts called “Kammermusik im Konvikt”, which offers the public six events a year!
  • The Furiant Quartet was heard in many countries on several continents: Spain, Austria, South Africa, Holland, Italy, Germany, Romania, Slovenia, France, Lithuania, Croatia, and, through the program of the Lincoln Centre Stage New York, played in America as well.